Building Mechanical & Electrical Services


The practice has wide experience of different types of building constructions and end uses. Projects have been undertaken for both new building construction, industrial premises and the refurbishment of older premises, including buildings of architectural importance.

Commissions undertaken on behalf of clients range from simple central heating installations and rewiring to complex air conditioning systems, electrical installations, environmental and process controls, industrial plant installation and energy management systems.

The demands placed upon modern industrial premises and building interiors make the mechanical and electrical services elements of a project an important and integral part of the overall design process. To ensure that the client takes possession of premises that are capable of meeting their current and future needs, the careful integration of mechanical and electrical services is required, in conjunction with the other members of the professional design team. In all commissions MEDS sets out to achieve this integration and, in buildings of architectural importance, provide sympathetic consideration to the integration of the building services into the fabric and interior of the premises.

MEDS is committed to developing sustainable and economic solutions in the design and development of building services. The impact of buildings on the environment during both the construction phase and throughout their operating life is recognised as being of importance. MEDS are committed to developing engineered solutions that minimise the environmental impact of building services while at the same time provide Clients with functional and viable buildings that meet their requirements for performance and operating costs.

Services Provided

MEDS has experience of providing a full range of technical services from initial planning, through design to project management and supervision. Specifically, MEDS can provide the professional services for

Types of Buildings

Commissions have been undertaken for Clients whose building requirements include:-

When undertaking commissions MEDS can work as a member of a professional design team comprising Architect, Structural/Civil Engineer and Quantity Surveyor or carry out work for clients when there are no other professional services required.

Typical Projects

Commissions have been undertaken for a wide range of clients with differing requirements for Professional Services. Clients range from private individuals to multinational corporations.

Building Services Commissions undertaken for clients include

Resources for Production

The use of computer systems allows the production of drawings, Conditions of Contract, Bills of Quantity, Cost Control and Project Planning to be carried out efficiently. Computer analysis systems are available for the design of building services and modelling including heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems design, electrical services loadings, energy modelling and lighting design.

Meeting Standards

Within the United Kingdom, Building Services designs are carried out in accordance with the Building Standards Regulations, the requirements of British Standards and the Institute of Electrical Engineers wiring regulations and the recommended methods set out by the Chartered Institute of Building Services. Where Client's have specific requirements to meet European or American Standards these can be accommodated.

Typical Commissions

Some of the commissions which have been undertaken by the firm include:-


In the foregoing projects the firm has been responsible for design, production of contract documents, bills of quantity and site supervision of the works. On projects where multidisciplinary trades have been involved, project management and co-ordination has also been carried out.

Pipe Line Fabrication Facility
Evanton, Easter Ross, Scotland

Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

Ceiling Feature Lighting in The New Library


Charlotte Square, in Edinburgh's Georgian New Town, is a World Heritage Conservation Area.

The refurbishment of 9 Charlotte Square, on the North side of the Square, for use as a modern office building, presented special challenges to the Design Team.

Modern services for heating, ventilation, electrical systems, data and communications were all integrated into the building while retaining the original internal Adam features.

charsqr adamceiling

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh North Side

Original Adam Ceiling after Refurbishment