Engineering Design Services


MEDS undertakes product design and development commissions from precision engineering and electronic instrumentation to heavy engineering and offshore pipeline construction. Services for Product Design and Development are provided to include a comprehensive package that will provide the Client with all details to carryout manufacture or prototype construction.


Engineering design work is carried out to the appropriate standards for the subjects. MEDS works with, and maintains an extensive library of, British, ASME, ISO, DnV, API, Lloyds and other standards and codes of practice.


Product design and development commissions include:-

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Additional Services

In addition to engineering design, services for product design and development can include industrial design, having prototypes constructed and assistance in implementing designs to the manufacturing stage.

Extensive use is made of computer analysis methods including CAD, finite elements, fatigue and dynamic modelling analysis.

Marine Anchor Wire and Chain Chasers to 130 t SWL Capacity


MEDS have completed the design of 110 and 130 tonne capacity J Chasers for anchor wire and chain recovery in deep waters. The chasers feature a unique roller arrangement that can be changed out for a fixed block. This gives the operator unrivalled flexibility without having to invest in multiple chasers for different operations. The roller uses a high load capacity plastic bearing giving longer life over traditional bronze and with lower replacement costs. Cast in high strength SG Iron, the Chasers exhibit excellent strength and impact resistance properties.

The designs were produced for

Design of Commercial Vehicles & Semi Trailers


Refrigerated ISO Containers & Stepframe Semi-trailers


Petroleum Tankers

Other vehicle designs include

Transport equipment designs include

750kW Wind Turbine Hub After Casting - 4500 kg Cast Weight


50 tonne Wire Rope Tension Measuring System


Electronic Load Cell with Digital Readout and Optional Computer Interface

Sub-sea Pipe Laying Initiation Anchors


Hydrojet Piled Anchors before Shipping

Sub-sea Pipe Laying Initiation Anchors


Gravity Anchor with Self Locking Gate

Sub-sea Pipe Laying Initiation Anchors


Hydrojet Piled Anchor For Soft Seabed Conditions